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Find out if the market is stabilizing in cincinnati

You can find the asking prices for homes in your area, but what about the homes that have sold - the REAL values.  It's FREE, it's LOCAL and it's done by an Expert in YOUR neighborhood.


This is important information whether you are considering buying, selling, want to be up to date on your homes value or are just curious what your neighbor sold their home for.


Click Here to see a sample report.  Imagine if this were YOUR neighborhood. 


In the upper left, the green arrow would be YOUR home, the green diamonds are homes for sale and the red diamonds are homes that have sold.  Hover your mouse over the diamonds and see the homes, you can even click for more details.


The lower left is the same info in list format,  Upper right is a graph on values over time.  The lower right has statistics on Your neighborhood.There are also tabs for Community Info and School Info.


To search for homes in the Cincinnati area go to


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